Calling all History Lovers! (North Jersey Weekend Trip – Part 2)


Take a peaceful walk in a beautiful park and soak up some history. There are informational signs at each point of interest, so you won’t miss any bit of the story. The Jockey Hollow portion of Morristown National Historic Park in Morristown, NJ has trails and replicas of historic homes and is the perfect place for your next family outing. One great feature of the park is that you are able to drive through to different sites. This may be helpful if you have small children or if you would like to move through the park more quickly.

Jockey Hollow is now a revered historic site because George Washington and his men camped out in this area during one of the harshest winters in history. This area was a farm owned by Henry Wick. This section of the park features the Wick Farm Garden, which was small, but quite charming. The Herb Society of America worked with the Morristown National Historic Park to ensure that the garden was designed just as it would have been during the American Revolution. I found it very impressive that they took the effort to make the garden not only beautiful, but historically accurate!

Further back in the park you will arrive in the New Jersey Brigade area. There you will find replicas of the soldiers’ huts. It was amazing to me to see the quarters that they stayed in. With twelve men to a cabin, they certainly must not have had much privacy! I love American history, so learning more about what these soldiers dealt with on a daily basis (not just on the battlefield, but off of it, too) was really an eye-opener.

All in all, the Morristown National Historic Park makes for a great day trip. Admission is free to Jockey Hollow and the New Jersey Brigade. As both a history buff and a nature lover, I enjoyed learning more about the American Revolution while still being in the Great Outdoors!


For more information about the park (visiting hours may change) visit:




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