Flowers for Days – Keukenhof Gardens (Lisse, Netherlands)


The flowers in Keukenhof Gardens are so beautiful and perfect, it is almost as if you are in a dream. The Netherlands are famous for their tulips and there is certainly no shortage of them here! You can easily spend a whole day in the gardens, so give yourself plenty of time to enjoy. There are many paths to walk, a greenhouse, a petting zoo, many fountains and waterways, sculptures, and gift shops throughout the park.

One great feature is a large pond in the park that has stepping stones going across it…you can actually walk from one section of the pond to another! Just be careful for your fellow stepping stone adventurers…a man and I jumped for the same stone at the same time and we both almost fell in! Luckily the stone was on the large side, so we both survived.

View from the stepping stones

There are also a few cafes and several food stands. I would highly recommend getting a stroopwafel while you’re walking around, which is similar to a Belgian waffle. It is covered in cinnamon and topped with whipped cream! Basically, you will hear angels singing when you bite into it.


After reading about the gardens online, I decided to travel to the Netherlands, with this being my main purpose for going. As soon as our plane landed at the Schiphol airport (about 15 minutes outside of Amsterdam), we hopped on a shuttle bus with our luggage to get to Keukenhof. There is actually a luggage room when you first arrive at Keukenhof, so you can keep your bags there if you are coming from or on your way to the airport.

Until coming to Keukenhof, I had no idea how many different types of tulips there were. Almost any color you can think of…Keukenhof has it!

One of my favorite parts of Keukenhof was the windmill. You can walk up inside of it and go out onto the observation deck to get a great view of the park below. You will also get to look a the sails turning up close, which is interesting.

Another nice point of interest is the petting zoo. You can actually pet the goats and pay for food to feed some of the animals. This part is definitely a plus if you have kids or if you are an animal lover, like me!

We kicked off our very own Euro Trip at Keukenhof and it was one of the main highlights of our trip! If you are traveling to Amsterdam, check this place out. You won’t regret it and this is definitely a place that the whole family will enjoy.

**Check for dates when the gardens are open before you travel because tulip season is only from March to May. **

For general information about Keukenhof, here is a link to their website:

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