Looking for fun on a rainy day in Philly? Here are a couple of suggestions!

What to do on a rainy, cold Labor Day Weekend? Our plans for a beach day didn’t work out, due to the weather. I definitely didn’t want to sit at home on my three day weekend. I wanted to celebrate and see something new to write about for all of you, my valued readers!

I thought I would put this sample itinerary together for you. You can always change it up, but this is what we did and it worked out nicely. We made the most of a rainy Saturday and had a blast!


First stop- the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site in Philly. Admission is free!


Poe is one of my favorite authors, so his home was essentially a must-see on my list. He lived in this particular Philly home for about a year with his wife Virginia (suffering terribly from Tuberculosis at the time) and Virginia’s mother, Maria “Muddy” Clemm. In this house, the mysterious Poe wrote many of his classics such as The Black Cat and The Murders in the Rue Morgue. Some parts of the house are original, but other parts were likely added on by tenants that lived here after Poe and his family.

Most of the rooms in the house are not furnished or decorated much, except for a few pictures and little shelf displays. However, the Reading Room, is decorated as it would have been during that time period. It is decorated to the tune of Poe’s satirical essay, “The Philosophy of Furniture” on the decorating trends of “new money”.

Don’t forget to check out the lower level! You can take a look at Poe’s basement…definitely spooky!


Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site: 532 N. 7th St. Philadelphia, PA 19123

Hours: Friday thru Sunday from 9am till Noon, then 1 pm till 5 pm (closes at noon and reopens at 1 pm every day).

Website: https://www.nps.gov/edal/index.htm

Helpful Hints:

  1. There is no parking lot for the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site. It is street parking only, we did get lucky and we were able to park directly across the street!
  2. Restrooms available on the lower level of the house, near the basement entrance.
  3. One of the famed Federal Donuts locations is right up the street! Why not grab a quick bite? We did! They have classic flavors, as well as unique ones! Here is their website: http://www.federaldonuts.com/main/# (701 N. 7th St. Philadelphia, PA)



Next Stop- The Mutter Museum (not for the faint of heart!)

This medical museum displays everything from skeletons to antique medical instruments to preserved organs. If you visit this place, you will be looking at very graphic displays of the human body. Quite interesting if you are in the medical field or have an interest in medical oddities and history, but as I said before….it is not for the faint of heart!

I wish that I could have gotten more pictures for all of you, so that you could get a better idea of what you’ll be seeing in the museum, but there is no photography allowed after you leave the lobby area. The only photos that I was able to get were the ones I took of displays in the lobby. There is also a garden on the side of the building (photos allowed here), but it was closed for an event while we were there. If you want to visit the museum, but would be disappointed if you didn’t get to see the garden, I would recommend checking the Mutter Museum’s website first. They will list any events that may be going on that day.

Mutter Museum: 19 S. 22nd St. Philadelphia, PA 19103

Admission: $13-$18 (depending on if you are a senior, adult, student, or youth).

Website: http://muttermuseum.org/

Hours: 10 am to 5 pm, daily (except for Thanksgiving, Dec. 24th & 25th, and Jan. 1st).

Helpful Hints:

  1. Save $2 per ticket on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  2. There is a self-parking lot (21st and Ludlow) right around the corner from the entrance to the Mutter Museum.
  3. Restrooms are located in the lobby.
  4. Umbrellas, backpacks, luggage, shopping bags must be locked up at the front desk.
  5. No strollers or child carriers that strap to a person’s back.
  6. No photography, except for in the lobby and in the garden.
  7. One Ticket, Two Museums Deal (not available online, only in-person)- Ask at the front desk of either the Mutter Museum or the Penn Museum for this deal and you will get to visit both museums on the same day for a discounted price. Tickets are $16-$26 (depending on if you are a senior, adult, student, or youth).


Happy Daytripping!

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