Look on the Bright Side- Cai Guo-Qiang: Fireflies Event Review (Philly)



Be sure to get a glimpse of Fireflies, a Philly event that lights up the night. Nine hundred beautiful lanterns of different colors and shapes decorate more than 20 pedicabs that will take you on a FREE ride from Iroquois Park to Sister Cities park (or Sister Cities to Iroquois Park). Each ride is a one-way trip, but if you wish, you may wait in line at the drop-off location for a trip back to where you started.


You will ride along the Franklin Parkway in an actual moving art project designed by Cai Guo-Qiang and commissioned by the Association for Public Art with Fung Collaboratives. This event is curated by Lance Fung.

Fireflies makes for a great night out and my friends and I really enjoyed it! There also other attractions, like the Swann Memorial Fountain, nearby. Both locations for Fireflies are ideally located and there are a lot of neat things to see and to photograph!

Helpful Hints:

  1. The rides will not take place if it’s raining, be sure to check the weather before heading over there!
  2. Event web pagefor more info and reservations: http://www.associationforpublicart.org/project/cai-guo-qiang-fireflies/#visit
  3. You may make reservations or just walk up.
  4. Each pedicab seats two riders.
  5. Event runs Thursday through Sunday, 6 pm till 10 pm- through October 8th.
  6. Be sure to check out the iconic AMOR sign (great photo-op) at 210 N. 18th St. in Philly, which is right near the pick-up/drop-off Sister Cities Park location.
  7. Visit the Swann Memorial Fountain in the middle of Logan Circle, just steps away from the Sister Cities pick-up/drop-off spot for Fireflies. You will get a great view and great pictures!


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