Sayen Gardens – The Gem of Mercer County (Hamilton Square, NJ)

Growing up, I always looked forward to trips to Sayen Gardens with my mom and with friends. There is something special about the gardens, they can ease a troubled mind and soothe a tired soul. This is a place where one may take refuge in nature and beauty. Visit Sayen Gardens and “get lost” on the trails and in the garden.


Any fans of the 1993 film, Secret Garden? I think part of the reason why I was always so enchanted by this place is because it reminds me a little of that movie.

There are many nice benches and even a gazebo to sit down in if you want to rest and enjoy your surroundings. Be sure to bring your camera, too! There are many nice spots to photograph here, as well as flowers and wildlife. Many people do get married here in the summer, or at least get their wedding photographs taken here. It truly is the perfect place! For more information on weddings and wedding photo shoots at Sayen Gardens, visit their webpage: 

Sayen House and Gardens – 155 Hughes Drive, Hamilton Square, NJ 08690

  • Free Entry
  • Open every day from dawn until dusk
  • Dogs permitted (if on a leash)

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