Halloween Series: Shady Brook Farm’s Horror Fest Review (Yardley, PA)

Happy Halloween Season, everyone! This is absolutely my favorite time of year…leaves changing color, cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything, and of course…Halloween! Going to haunted attractions is my favorite thing in the world and I have been going to Shady Brook Farm’s Horror Fest in Yardley, PA every year since I was 12. If you’ve never been to Shady Brook for Halloween time, or even if you haven’t been in a while, definitely go see what they have going on this year. They have been expanding the Halloween fun and activities over the years and it is now bigger and better than ever.

Haunted Attractions

Hayride of Horror – You will get a 15 to 20 minute hayride through different scenes of terror. Encounter zombies, crazy clowns, a Voodoo Priestess, scary dudes with chainsaws, large animatronics…and more! I find chainsaws particularly terrifying and I actually had one of those crazy dudes jump up on the hayride next to me and start chain-sawing my leg…AHHHH! This truly is a fun ride.

3D Alien Encounter – Personally, this is my number one favorite attraction out of Shady Brook and out of any haunted attraction place I’ve ever been to! The Alien Encounter is why I return to Shady Brook every year. You will get a pair of 3D glasses at the door, put them on and watch the fun begin! You will get the feeling you have been abducted by aliens and are on one of their spaceships…and trust me these aliens WILL abduct you in there! It may not sound as scary as the other attractions, but trust me, it is! You will be chased, jumped at, and have extraterrestrials stalk you through the entire encounter. It’s not only scary, it is also really fun to walk through with the glasses and see 3D shapes and beautiful neon colors jumping out at you throughout the attraction.

Carnage – Get ready for the chainsaws, people! This creepy corn maze will have you looking over your shoulder the entire time. I think there is something especially terrifying about being out in the tall stalks of corn, it just feels so isolating. Every time you hear a rustle out in the corn, you can’t help but wonder, is that just the wind? Or is my impending doom just around the bend?

Barn of Horror – This is Shady Brook’s classic haunted house attraction. It is full of bone chilling jumps and scares! If you haven’t screamed at the top of your lungs in fright by the time you leave this attraction, you are probably just un-scareable! Important Note: If you have any back/leg issues, you might want to pass on this one. I have an existing back injury and at one point in the haunted house you have to get down and stoop/crawl through a short passageway. This was rough on me, but I did make it through! Again, this is not in any way Shady Brook’s fault (they are awesome!), I just simply have a bad back and some sciatic nerve damage from a preexisting injury.

While we were there, we decided to also do the wild monster truck ride! This was my first time ever being in a monster truck and I loved it! The ride on the fire truck monster truck that we took was $6 per person and the hearse monster truck was $7 per person. You will find the monster trucks in the back of the common area, near Carnage.

With now 4 haunted attractions (Carnage is the most recent addition), bonfires, multiple food options, a bar, and large area outside of the haunted attractions with several activities to choose from…there is something at Shady Brook for everyone! Some of the activities are free, while some charge a small fee. Activities include photo op areas, bouncy houses, and a sports area where you can throw baseballs, footballs, basketballs, and kick around some soccer balls. You can check out cool farm animals, there is an obstacle course for the kids, shoot paintballs at targets, and much, much more!

Visit Shady Brook’s website for more info, tickets, and coupons. Right now, there is a coupon on their site where if you visit on a Friday or Sunday it is only a total of $25 for all four attractions (normally $35 for all 4). Make sure you get the coupon! Here is a link to it on their site: Coupon & Pricing – Shady Brook 

With all that being said, don’t forget to try their Pumpkin Ice Cream, one of my favorite parts of the night!


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